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A smooth blend of Middle Eastern and Japanese Cuisine.



Nestled in the heart of our vibrant city,No.32 emerges as a culinary gem, weaving together a smooth blend of Japanese & Middle Easter Cuisine. Born from the childhood memories and global journey of our Persian head chef, Nourifard, No.32 is a celebration of love, heritage, and the welcoming spirit of Australia.

Our menu is a homage to the intricate flavors of the East, infused with the boldness of the Middle Eastern palate, and perfected with a touch of Japanese finesse. Each dish tells a story, reflecting Nourifard's journey from Iran to Australia, through the culinary landscapes of Japan. At No.32, we don't just serve food; we invite you to a feast that bridges continents and cultures.

In the spirit of Australian inclusivity, we embrace innovation and diversity. No.32 stands as a testament to the idea that food transcends boundaries, and a good meal can bring people together, regardless of their origins. Here, you're not just a guest; you're part of our extended global family, celebrating the universal language of delicious, heartfelt cuisine..

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The Chef


Hesam Nourifard, Hesy, is an Iranian chef who travelled the world exploring the food and its culture. In the past decades, Hesy has travelled across Asia, Europe and Australia, perfecting his unique cuisine.

Hesy welcomes fermented food in his cuisine, producing a smooth fusion blend of Middle Eastern and Japanese flavours. During his travels, Hesy fell in love with the French cuisine and their cooking techniques, which he learned and adopted into his kitchen.

Hesy prides himself in his ability to present seasonal and sharable food. Chef Nourifard believes that half the joy of eating is in sharing.

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Nourifard brings family feasts of his childhood to his menu. He also imbues it with flavours from other parts of his journey, particularly his culinary experiences in Japan and Australia, and he thanks his adopted country for the space to do this.

"Australian people are welcoming," he says. "If you're doing something new, people will come and celebrate you, without caring where you're from."

These dishes reflect the Persian head chef's route to Australia via Asia, but ultimately pay homage to his birthplace. "Am I the Japanese chef? No. I'm from Iran. I'm from Middle East. I'm a Middle Eastern chef," SBS Food.